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CAPE Nomination Form

Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence
2016-2017 CAPE Award

Nomination Deadline – 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 28, 2016

The Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence (CAPE) Award is designed to recognize the importance of contributions made by academic professionals.  Academic professionals perform a wide range of critical functions for our campus community and beyond.  They advise, counsel and assist our students, faculty and staff.  They provide critical administrative support, support our research laboratories and educational programs, and offer important outreach programs throughout the state.  This award is intended to honor the special accomplishments of individuals in this employment category.

Annually, six awards are given.  Nominees are evaluated on three criteria: work, personal, and professional contributions.  These criteria are defined below in order of importance for the award.  Usually nominees will excel in all three areas, but individuals may be nominated for uncommon strength in one or two.

Work Contributions
How well the nominee advances the mission of his or her home unit and the campus within the context of the campus' traditional missions of teaching, research, and public service. There should be an explanation of the work of the individual and the impact of that work.

Personal Contributions
The positive impact the nominee has on others: faculty, staff, students, and members of the public. In addition, there should be an explanation of the way in which the nominee meets the special demands of his or her workplace.

Professional Contributions
The contributions the nominee has made and the recognition the nominee has received in his or her professional field including publications, participation in professional societies, and committee work.  In addition, there should be a discussion of the nominee's impact at the regional, national, or international level, if applicable.

The nominee:
Must have been employed as an academic professional employee assigned to duties at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus for at least three years at full time or the equivalent (e.g., 100% appointment for three years or 50% appointment for six years).*

May be an off-campus academic professional staff member of the University of Illinois Extension or Continuing Education, and University Administration academic professional located in Urbana-Champaign.

Must be an active employee at the time the award is presented in April.

May not hold any professorial title.**

May not be teaching or research associates, postdoctoral research associates, lecturers, and instructors.

May receive the CAPE award only once.

*Academic professionals in the College of Nursing located on this campus should be nominated for the CAPE Award at UI Chicago. 

** Zero percent professorial title will not disqualify

Each winner of the CAPE award will receive a $2,000 cash award and a $1,000 permanent salary increase.  In addition, in the next fiscal year, each winner’s departmental budget will receive a one-time award of $1,000 for materials or training for use by the awardee.

Any University employee may nominate an academic professional who meets the eligibility requirements.  Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 28, 2016.

Those wishing to nominate an academic professional employee for this award can do so by using this link: http://go.illinois.edu/capenomination.

Be prepared to submit the following information in order to complete your nomination (the on-line form can be saved and finished at a later date, however all information must be received in order for the nomination to be considered complete):

Nominators must also upload a copy of the nominee’s most recent CV or resume within the nomination form in order for the form to be accepted.

Nominators will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of their nomination.

After the first screening, if the nominee is chosen as a semi-finalist, nominators will be required to submit three letters of professional endorsement within three weeks of notification. Letters of endorsement may be requested from individuals inside or outside of the University of Illinois.

The Chancellor will appoint a selection committee apprised of:

The Chancellor's Liaison, Chair, and Co-Chair will not have voting privileges. This committee will select six finalists to be recommended to the Chancellor.

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