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Tenure/tenure track (assistant professor, associate professor and professor).  These positions require a minimum of a doctorate degree or an appropriate terminal degree for the discipline.  Faculty members teach, conduct research and engage in public service projects. 

Other Academics

Non-tenure track (modified professorial titles, lecturer, instructor, teaching associate, research associate, and clinical associate).  Units set the education requirements; however, these positions require a minimum of a bachelor degree.

Academic Professional

Academic professionals are those members of the academic staff whose positions have been designated by the president and the chancellor as meeting specialized administrative, professional, or technical needs, in accordance with Article IX of the University of Illinois Statutes, and are exempted from the State Universities Civil Service SystemThese positions require a minimum of a bachelor degree.

Visiting Academic Professionals

Academic professionals appointed for a temporary duration, and are subject to the terms of a collective bargaining agreement with the Visiting Academic Professionals Association (AAP/IEA/NEA).  These positions require a minimum of a bachelor degree.

Postdoctoral Research Associates/Postdoctoral Fellows

Employees involved in research and who have completed their doctorate or terminal degree within the last  5 years.   Postdoctoral Research Associate appointments should not exceed five (5) years.

Grad Assistants

Graduate student appointments. There are four types of graduate assistantships:

Grad Fellows

An award that provides a monthly living allowance and requires no services in return.  The student must be registered to receive a fellowship appointment. Predoctoral fellowships are coordinated through the Fellowship Office in the Graduate College.

Grad Hourly

Graduate students appointed on an hourly basis for temporary special projects.  The student must be registered in the Graduate College for the semesters of the appointment.  These appointments do not provide a tuition waiver.

Academic Hourly

Academic Hourly positions offer opportunities to work in non-Civil Service jobs on a temporary basis. These positions require a minimum of a bachelor degree, along with professional qualifications and expertise.


An appointment that indicates a relationship with the University but that has not service requirement. In most cases, these appointments are provided to people outside of the University to reflect an affiliation with the University.


Employees who have retired from the University, and have been rehired by the University.  Can be rehired in an academic or civil service capacity.