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Guidelines for Service in Excess of 100% for Academic Employees

Service in Excess of 100% payments are paid for overload teaching (overload is defined as teaching duties performed over and above the employee’s normal required teaching load) or for other special projects or assignments normally outside an employee’s routine responsibilities after the service is performed. NECESSARY APPROVALS MUST BE OBTAINED PRIOR TO SERVICES BEING PERFORMED.


Full-time employees shall not receive compensation for services in excess of a normal schedule within the University except for a reasonable amount of instruction in continuing education courses or grading of special examinations (outside regular course work), all to be done at a time that does not conflict with other university duties. Exceptions may be made to this rule only with advance approval of the Chancellor. These exceptions should be held to a minimum. (See University Statutes, Article IX, Academic and Administrative Staff, Section 5c, Services Rendered to the University)

Service in excess of 100% payments are designated for specific duties outside the regular responsibilities and are not intended for payment in lieu of a base increase to the salary, and should not be confused with “other duties as assigned.”

Note: Normally, special projects are outside the home unit.

Examples of Acceptable Payments:

Examples of Unacceptable Payments:

Full-time academic employees who are eligible to receive a service in excess of 100% payment:

Approvals/Forms Required:

Additional approvals (in addition to department heads and deans) required:

Payment Guidelines

Service in excess of a full-time appointment should be temporary and kept to a minimum; total payment is not to be paid until all service has been performed.

For further information please consult the Service in Excess of 100 Percent for Academic Employees policy.
This policy can be found at: CAM IX/C-1.3

Request for Service in Excess of 100% Form

PDF format Form in PDF Format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
RTF format Form in Rich Text Format (RTF) for download

Request for Service in Excess of 100%

The Request for Service in Excess of 100% policy and guidelines do not apply to less than full-time Academic Employees. Processing guidelines for lump sum payments for these employees can be found at:

Guidelines for Lump Sum Payments for Less than Full-Time Academic Employees